Wireless charging in growth period

As countries to support electric vehicle industry increasing, the electric car battery technology has attracted more and more attention, new technology emerge in endlessly. In China has obtained significant progress in electric vehicle wireless charging technology, southern power grid in guangxi ele...

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Power battery industry outlook is gradually clear

New energy vehicle market after the popular in 2014 and 2014 years of madness, ushered in the "new normal" in 2016, a few days ago, according to the first three batch of new energy vehicles promotion directory toppled the retrial, the auto motive battery industry standard conditions supplement notic...

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Energy storage technology in the application of power grid development

In recent decades, energy storage technology research and development has been the energy, transportation, electric power, telecommunications and other departments. The application of energy storage technology in power system, mainly in the renewable energy generation moving peak, distributed energy...

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Power lithium batteries will have sustainable rapid growth

Market power lithium batteries in 2016 is expected to overcapacity, we judge the electric car sales in 2016 will reach 700000 units, the corresponding power lithium battery needs 30 GWH, according to our statistics from bottom to top, 45 GWH power lithium battery capacity cumulative built at the end...

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Power battery cascade utilization will become industry hotspot

With the explosive growth in new energy vehicles, 4, 5 years later, will no doubt have a lot of retired power battery. Accompanied by is, the electric car with power battery cascade utilization also into industry hotspot gradually.

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Fuel cells, accelerate the industrialization process

Fuel cell energy density increase vast space, at the same time, charging speed, high security, is the ultimate goal of new energy vehicles. Comparing fuel battery and lithium batteries, lithium ion power battery is a closed electrochemical system, the active material is stored in batteries inside, t...

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